Track Your Compliance with Ease

The Compliance Dashboard is integrated with Credit Bureau Connection's eCredit Complete credit reporting and compliance software solution. Your dealership's compliance officer and/or management team can configure, control, and monitor your dealership's compliance policy and business rules with this powerful tool.

Compliance View

The Compliance View option on the eCredit Complete applicant list provides an interactive visual reference of all necessary compliance documents, using easily identifiable info-graphics.

Complete Compliance Actions Fast

With visual infographics, completing required actions is a snap reducing the time needed to stay in compliance.

eVault Storage

Actions performed on the Compliance View find screen are tracked and viewable in the eVault. This provides an additional layer of protection for your business.

Correct Missed Compliance Actions

Authorized users are able to catch missed compliance actions before they are forgotten or before the required time passes.

Compliance Override Function

Authorized users have access to an override function in the event an action was not completed for a specific reason. Any overrides are tracked for audit purposes.

Single or Multi Rooftop Environment

The Compliance Dashboard for multi-rooftop dealer groups provides authorized compliance personnel a visual summary of each location either by individual rooftop or via a side-by-side graphical comparison. Authorized users can access the Compliance Dashboard with a single mouse click and instantly view all locations at one time in a quick, easy to read, graphical format. Additional detail information is available by simply mousing over a color coded bar and/or clicking a link to drill into specifics on any particular rooftop or applicant.