Red Flags Summary

CBC takes the Red Flags Rule to new levels with advanced detailed information returned in the credit report itself. Using advanced programming logic, CBC is able to bring back information others cannot.

From a Red Flag as common as an address mismatch to larger Red Flags like social security number checking and fraud alerts. No more getting contracts returned from lenders due to unreported Red Flags.

Identity Verification Simplified

eCredit Complete Red Flags compliance includes an "all inclusive" ID Theft Worksheet that raises the bar in dealer protection.

Out-of-Wallet Questions

Never again skip this ultimate ID verification. CBC includes Out-of-Wallet questions as part of our "all inclusive" Red Flags solution.

ID Theft Suspicious Information

Simple questions supporting the need for additional verification.

Printable ID Verification Worksheet

Print out Out-of-Wallet questions to be completed by the applicant. Verify answers based on trade lines returned from the bureau's.

Trackable Additional ID Verification

Need additional information? CBC ID Theft Worksheet allows you to record additional documents needed to verify identity.

Compliance Management Made Easy

Configure what level of risk prompts users based on the visual RFI (Red Flag "Risk" Indicator)

Dealership Personnel Accountability

CBC's Red Flags solution allows management and compliance personnel the tools to hold staff accountable.