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eCredit Complete

Leading the industry, CBC provides more than just a credit report. eCredit Complete includes different report formats, standard "all inclusive" extras, built in compliance, and more; all providing a credit report system that exceeds the needs of todays heavily regulated industry.

Important Features

  • Available Multi-Factor Authentication

  • Completely customizable user rights and restrictions

  • Available long-term document storage

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Auto Finance Summary

Gain a better understanding of your prospect's financial situation in a clear convenient format allowing you to stay competitive in today's auto financing market. Instantly analyze prospect's auto financing histories, make more competitive offers, and improve the overall efficiency of your deal process.

Important Features

  • CBC is the only reseller able to deliver an auto summary on all three bureaus

  • Receive information on a potential trade-in upfront

  • Know the approximate interest rate and if there was a co-signer

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Multi-Bureau Summary

This game changing tool provides desk managers, finance managers, and decision makers with all of the key credit information and compliance tools at their finger tips in a matter of seconds with one click of the mouse.

Important Features

  • Pull 2 or 3 reports simultaneously

  • See the highest FICO score displayed front and center

  • Conveniently access necessary compliance obligations without viewing the entire report

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Soft Pull Solutions

Thanks to nearly two decades of experience in the automotive retail space, CBC is considered an industry leader when it comes "soft pull" solutions. We bring together real-world experience, automation, and simplicity to provide prequalification "soft pull" solutions and services to a multitude of organizations from lenders to equipment dealers.

CBC provides "soft pull" solutions and services to the following industries:

  • Lenders

  • Loan Brokers

  • Solar Contractors

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Automated Income Check

Keep your deals on track with instant access to critical information such as employer name, annual income, job tenure and much more. With AIC you can prequalify a customer for financing by instantly verifying information displayed on a customer’s credit application, while strengthening deals through access to actionable income and employment insights earlier in the buying process.

Important Features

  • Clear stipulations instantly

  • Streamlined processing

  • Information supplied direct from employers

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Clarity Alternative Data

CBC's eClear Credit Risk Report uses "alternative data" designed for buy-here-pay-here dealers and automotive lenders in the sub-prime space. Alternative data is essentially any data that doesn’t match traditional financial data.

Alternative Data has been widely adopted when it comes to the following

  • Payday loans

  • Rental payments

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Liens and Judgments Data Delivered in the Credit Report

Critical data on tax liens and civil judgments is no longer included as part of the standard consumer credit report issued from all three major credit bureaus. This change occurred as part of the implementation of the National Consumer Assistance Plan which is the result of a settlement between the three leading US credit bureaus and 38 states in 2015.

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