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eCredit Complete

Credit Report and Compliance Solutions for Auto Dealers and Other Industries

Here are just a few tools eCredit Complete provides

Hard and Soft pull Credit Report

Web-based access from anywhere

Complete Credit Compliance Solutions

Advanced Multi-factor Authentication

Fully Customizable User Rights Management

Long-term Document Management

Servicing various industries, CBC provides more than just traditional hard pull credit reports and soft pull credit reports. The eCredit Complete user experience includes multiple report formats, loads of standard extras, built-in, easy to use compliance, compliance tracking and reporting, and more, providing a credit report platform that exceeds the needs of today's heavily regulated industries.

If you are in the business of extending credit, eCredit Complete brings decades of experience combined with the power and ease of use. eCredit Complete software provides access to hard pull and soft pull credit reports from all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion). Businesses choose eCredit Complete when it comes to checking a consumer's credit because it is fast, easy to use, secure, and includes fraud prevention and regulatory compliance actions, all from one platform accessible anywhere.

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Discover CBC's Auto Finance Summary

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CBC's Auto Finance Summary Stands Above the Others

View All Open and Closed Auto Related Trade Lines

APR's of Previous and Current Consumer Auto Loans

Previous Co-signer Information

Payment History for Each Account

Displays Both Loans and Leases

Current Payoff of Open Auto Loans

We know the auto finance industry is now more competitive than ever, which is why CBC was the first reseller to offer their customers an Auto Finance Summary on all three bureaus. Building on the convenience and ease of use of all CBC products, the Auto Finance Summary allows our customers to instantly analyze a prospect's auto financing history in detail, develop unbeatable offers for their customers, and stay ahead of the competition.


Experian, Transunion, and Equifax Credit Report Summary With Fico® Scores

Features of the Multi-Bureau Credit Report Summary

Pull 2 or 3 Reports Simultaneously With One Click

See the Highest FICO® Score Displayed Front and Center

Convenient Access to Necessary Compliance Obligations

Speeds up the Credit Report Process

High Credit Score Displayed Front and Center

Access Risk-based Pricing and Adverse Action in One Click

Often a person's credit score will vary drastically between different CRA's because different information is reported to each bureau. The individual bureaus include unique and sometimes exclusive data that is used to calculate different credit scores. This can make the difference between a "great" rate and a "subprime" rate.

CBC's Multi-Bureau Summary (MBS) eliminates the need to request a report from all three bureaus individually. This time saving convenience is offered to all CBC subscribers at no additional charge.

CBC's MBS gives you all the information you need to start a deal by giving you access to all three bureaus on one screen. View scoring models, Red Flags, OFAC, RBP notices, Adverse Action notices, and I.D. Theft Worksheet with Out of Wallet questions.

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Full-file consumer credit report solutions with no credit score impact

Discover CBC's Soft Pull Solutions

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CBC's Soft Pull Solutions Provide

Industry Used FICO® Score

Complete Credit Report

No Impact on Credit Score

No Need for SSN or DOB

Increased Lead Submissions

Decreased Compliance Burden

Soft pulls are classified by two categories: prescreen and prequalification. The differences between them might be subtle, but it's essential to know the difference. A prequalification "soft pull" is a request to be prequalified to apply for credit and is initiated by the consumer. A prescreen, on the other hand, is a non-consumer initiated offer of credit that is typically generated without the consumer's knowledge. Neither of the two, however, affect a consumer's credit score.

With over two decades of experience in the automotive retail space, CBC is the partner you can rely on when it comes to prequalifications. As an industry leader when it comes to soft pulls, CBC works with a broad category of industries.


Instant Income and Employment Verification Delivered in the Credit Report

how CBC helps verify required stips

Know Up front a Consumer's Credit Worthiness

Help Remove Employee Misinformation

Streamline the Finance Process

Catch Falsely Submitted Credit Applications

Work the Deal knowing Income and Employment Stips are in Order

Piece of Mind knowing Information Provided is Accurate

In addition to confirming annualized income and employment, lenders often require additional documents to ensure reported details are accurate. These STIPS, (stipulations) often delay funding and can delay or destroy a car deal.

The ability to know a consumer's income and employment status can make the difference in making a deal and losing a deal. CBC provides Automated Income Check (AIC) powered by Equifax, which can help determine if a consumer is reporting accurate information before presenting a deal for financing.

Delays are sometimes inevitable, but they don't have to be routine. With Automated Income Check, qualifying a customer for financing is made much simpler and more seamless with instant verification of information being displayed on the consumer's credit report. This includes, but is not limited to, critical information such as: employer name, annual income, job tenure, and much more.

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Non-traditional credit data available in a credit report

Discover eClear Credit Risk Report

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eClear Credit Risk Report Provides Alternative Credit Data

Perfect for Buy-Here-Pay-Here Dealers

Collected from the Worlds Largest Source of Alternative Credit Data

Designed to Supply Non-traditional Data to Subprime Lenders

Receive Payday Loan, Cell Phone, Utility Payment Data and more

Today, there are roughly 53 million people without a reliable FICO® score who are creditworthy and desirable customers, which is why CBC's eClear Credit Risk Report offers "alternative credit data" to assist in the lending process. Alternative Data describes the creditworthiness of individual consumers who are not represented adequately on mainstream credit reports.

This data is typically sourced from alternative service providers and compiling information from different accounts which includes but may not be limited to: bank accounts, credit card accounts, investment accounts, and other consumer or business accounts.


Liens and Judgments Data Delievered In The Credit Report

What's Included

Civil Judgments

Time frame Data

Federal, State, Local Tax Liens


Small Claims Judgments

Amount of Liens and Judgments

Remember when liens and judgments were included in the credit report and returned information such as public record filings on individuals to help uncover civil court filings during the credit review process? Get Liens and Judgments data in your credit report again, exclusively from Credit Bureau Connection.

CBC is one of the only resellers that still delivers liens and judgment data directly in the credit report. Liens and Judgments are public record filings on individuals to help uncover civil court filings during the credit review process.

As of April 2018, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian have fully discontinued offering liens and judgment data. Critical data on tax liens and civil judgments are no longer included as part of the standard consumer credit report issued from all three major credit bureaus. This change occurred as part of the implementation of the National Consumer Assistance Plan, which is the result of a settlement between the three leading U.S. credit bureaus and 38 states in 2015.

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