What is Automated Income Check (AIC)?

Going beyond the customer’s last paycheck or hourly rate, AIC is your definitive solution to employment and income verification delays.

AIC is here to help you minimize your risk, strengthen your relationships with lenders, as you wow your customers with a swift completion of deals without the hassle of renegotiating and last-minute complications.

Keep your deals on track with instant access to critical information such as employer name, annual income, job tenure and much more. With AIC you can prequalify a customer for financing by instantly verifying information displayed on a customer’s credit application, while strengthening deals through access to actionable income and employment insights earlier in the buying process.

All of which is quickly and conveniently delivered to you with every CBC credit report.

Key Features

Discover how Automated Income Check Helps Your Business
  • Clear stipulations instantly
  • Streamlined processing
  • Improved consistency
  • Paperless documentation
  • Information supplied direct from employers
  • Reduces fraud and borrower misrepresentation
  • Outsmart the fake paystub
  • Verify applicant income at time of sale
  • eVault storage for later retrieval

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