Fast, Simple, and Affordable Lead Generation

When you put the power of eCredit Online in your lead capture process you will quickly notice how easy and affordable lead generation can be.

CBC makes this normally labor intensive process simple by alerting you immediately that a lead has come in giving your lead department the opportunity.

Fully Compliant, Mobile Friendly, Credit Application

eCredit Online is a fully responsive lead capture and credit application tool that frames seamlessly into your existing website. Unlike other applications that take the consumer to an external data capture page, eCredit Online keeps your prospect where you want them. On your website.


Here are just some of the features offered by eCredit Online

Fast and Simple

Having a short one-page application has shown to minimize page bounces. The less information required will increase submitted applications.

Fully Configurable

Choose what fields to display and require applicants to fill out. Also, you can automatically run a credit report or just capture the lead.

Real-Time Notifications

Receive notification the instant a lead is submitted along with necessary information submitted to your CRM/ILM. Contact the lead while they are shopping.

Fully Compliant

Once submitted, a fully compliant credit application is stored electronically in the CBC eVault and a Privacy Notice is emailed to the applicant.