Get FICO scores for two or all three the bureaus in seconds. The Multi-Bureau Summary displays all the scores with the highest score front and center.


All the necessary information you need to start a deal is in the Multi-Bureau Summary window giving you easy access to each bureau on one screen.


See all three bureau scores, scoring models, Red Flags, OFAC, and RBP in one place, including an adverse action letter link and ID Theft Worksheet.

Exclusively from CBC

This unique functionality speeds up the credit report, prospect qualifying, compliance, and decision making process. With one click of the mouse, the Multi-Bureau Summary returns an instant view of two or all three bureau scores, access to each credit report, and all of the vital tools needed to satisfy your regulatory compliance requirements.

The Multi-Bureau Summary highlights the highest credit score by bureau to help streamline the credit decision process. This game changing tool provides desk managers, finance managers, and decision makers with all of the key credit information and compliance tools at their finger tips in a matter of seconds with one click of the mouse.