Clear and Easy to Understand

Gain a better understanding of your prospect's financial situation in a clear convenient format allowing you to stay competitive in today's auto financing market. Instantly analyze prospect's auto financing histories, make more competitive offers, and improve the overall efficiency of your deal process.

Close more deals and improve finance reserve by gaining insight to a prospect's current vehicle APR and terms. Forecast the impact of pricing changes to help identify beneficial rate offers.


Here are just some of the features of our Auto Finance Summary

Easy-to-Read Format

Displays relevant auto credit data within the credit report to save time and provide greater insight into the prospect's financing situation.

Complete Financing Data

Displays estimated APR, summarizes monthly payments, account balances, months remaining and delinquencies for auto loans and leases.

Multiple Tradelines

View up to the last five auto loan or lease tradelines whether open or closed in the credit report or from within eCredit Complete.